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Closing Ceremony starts @ 1:15PM Sunday


To submit your project, use our Devpost. Submissions to Devpost are due at 8:30am on Sunday.

You must start on the Devpost at least 30 minutes beforehand to have enough time to submit. Only one person per team needs to submit the Devpost! Make sure to include all team members names in the post.If possible, push any code to a GitHub repo and link it in your Devpost. In your Devpost, you choose which challenges you want to apply for.

When you fill out your Devpost you do not need to upload any files. After you submit your hack you can still edit your submission as many times as you want until 8:30AM.


Judging will be from 9:30am-12:30pm

After all projects are submitted, table numbers will be assigned to each team. The judges for the categories that the team applied to will stop by each table and hear a 3 minute pitch, followed by 1-2 min. for any questions they have (think of it like a science fair).

Hacks are judged in 4 main categories - technical difficulty, creativity, relevance, and overall polish.

How do we pitch?

In a nutshell: the 'pitch' is you and your team telling judges about your hack! There is no defined format-- how you present your idea is all up to you. *You and your team will not be presenting in front of everyone, only to the judges who will be stopping by your table.

Tips & Things to Remember:

- Judges are excited to see what you each worked on and learned even if you have not finished your hack.
- Showing a demo of your hack is always helpful (i.e. running your code locally on your computer)
- You can present your idea with any media you'd like-- slidedeck, pictures, video, mockup, are all acceptable.

Suggestions for Talking Points

What problem are you trying to help solve?
Why is the problem important to you?
What challenges did you encounter trying to build your idea?
What have you learned from this experience?
If you could have more time, what would you add to your hack?


Click here to see the MLH presentation and get more info on the MLH code of conduct, information about MLH, and more!


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