Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season

Artificial Intelligence


How to Hack With AI
Jenny Morgan

This beginner-level workshop will teach you what AI and cloud computing are in simple terms. Then, learn how to add AI to your project with just a few lines of code!


Intro to Chatbots
Asha Saini

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing field. Learn about AI and machine learning, and build your own interactive chatbot in this workshop with Dell Technologies.

Web Development
The One-Hour Website
Shayna Cummings

Are you looking to build a slick looking website for your project? This beginner-friendly class will help you get started with HTML, CSS, & Javascript.

Intro to React
Christopher Trinh

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces that's quickly becoming a standard in the web dev industry. Learn how to make a single-page web app faster than ever with React!

Product Management
Intro to Entrepreneurship
Gefen Skolnick

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs! This workshop will introduce you to bootstrapping vs fundraising, product ideation, monetization, & understanding your problem space.

Presentation, Storytelling, & Rapid Prototyping That Gets You to “Yes”
Erin Essex

Your idea might be perfect, but your presentation makes all the difference. In this workshop, you will learn the art of storytelling in your presentation AND how tips on how to rapid prototype to best showcase your idea.


Interpretable Machine Learning
Xiang Zhou, Two Sigma

This talk will discuss why machine learning interpretability is important, review some traditional and newly developed techniques in this field, how these techniques are related and when one technique is preferable over another, and how to evaluate the quality of an interpretation.


pwnd: a Star Wars Story (or how not to get hacked irl)
Chris Lord

With the Empire's failures as lessons, we'll analyze several common cybersecurity attacks, how they work, why they work, and what you can do to keep yourself and your organization safe. Learn about social engineering, password cracking, side-channel leakage, browser exploits and supply-chain attacks.


Intro to GitHub for Team Collaboration
Kaitlin Greene

This beginner-friendly tech talk will introduce GitHub and how to use it in an interactive way. Participants will learn how to use GitHub for more effective team collaboration.


Cybersecurity and Securing Your Code
Anna Gomez

JPMorgan Chase will cover different career paths in the cybersecurity industry, recruiting opportunities at the firm, and examples of the importance of writing secure code.


Microservices vs Monolith
Sumita Palanisamy

Monolithic software architectures are nearly gone. Microservices offer faster development cycles, dynamic scaling, & improved failover behavior. Learn how to implement micoroservices and see how we architect them at Validity.

... and many more to come!