TechTogether Boston 2020 Virtual

Boston's largest all-female, femme,
and non-binary hackathon.

November 6th - November 8th, 2020

At TechTogether Boston, we're looking to shape the way women and non-binary people get involved with tech.

We aim to create an inclusive environment to encourage more underrepresented people to either get introduced to the world of technology or harness their skills to create projects of their own.

With the support of our community, sponsors, and industry leaders, we can chip away at the gender gap in technology. From students with non-technical majors who are interested in breaking into tech, to seasoned hackathon veterans looking for help to build out complex, groundbreaking products - we aim to support our hackers.

TTB 2020 Project Highlights


A multifaceted program that connects individuals in need of legal aid and guidance with those who share the tools and generosity to assist them. Assisting those who need their help the most, Aurora also has the ability to identify and reach out to local government officials to incite change.


A tool that helps tackle impostor syndrome and to create a more inclusive space and also provided resources or help to those victimized.


A platform for women in the tech field to be empowered and connect. We want young women to develop their passion for tech by turning their dreams into a reality--by growing their network.


Pools together the sentiment of the anonymous thoughts of everyone who uses it—no matter their language—to create a visual representation of the world’s honest emotions over the course of a day.

TechTogether 2020 Statistics

Our testimonials through the year


Melissa Lin - Organizer

Being a TTB organizer was a great experience for me! I liked that I could help empower underepresented groups in tech and meet and collaborate with amazing people in the process.

The most rewarding for me is definitely seeing the weekend of the hackathon come together. We spend months of work on this event so it really is gratituding to see how all that work culminates into one weekend. Getting to talk to all the external people involved and knowing how the event made an impact is worth all the long nights and meetings worth it.


Sarina Simon - Director

I love being a TTB organizer. It is an amazing experience and I love working with such dedicated women.

The most rewarding part is at the event talking to the hackers. Being a TTB organizer, we join the team because our personal values align with the TTB mission. Talking to hackers, I noticed that they also have similar values and it's great to see that for 36 hours women and femme non-binary from around the country come together and empower each other.


Hana - Hacker

TechTogether was my 4th hackathon and my favorite hackathon!

I wouldn't have been able to attend the event if it weren't for the free bussing! Once I arrived, the entire stadium was filled with super supportive mentors who helped us with out project. TechTogether was unlike any hackathon I had ever been to because of how comfortable I felt there. So comfortable that we decided to branch out and use hardware for the first time to learn something new!

My favorite memory meeting tech professionals who helped us with out project and connecting with them to learn more about the growing industry.

Sponsor TechTogether Boston

Our event would not be possible without our amazing sponsors and partners. Our supporters come from across North America, and all with the intention to provide technology access to gender-marginalized groups in tech! We provide options to our sponsors to help you get the most out of our event.

Our past sponsors