TechTogether Boston

Virtual · November 6-8th, 2020

Boston's largest all-female, femme,
and non-binary hackathon.

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TechTogether's Largest Hackathon

Let’s admit, 2020 has been a YEAR. We have faced many social, emotional, and environmental challenges this year and it’s time we start writing our future to ignite change. The theme Dear Future Me is about reflecting on our past and acting on our future.

On the weekend of our hackathon, brainstorm and build a project that will impact your future. This project can be a hack to benefit your personal, social, and environmental wellness.



“Future me, I want to recycle more in hopes to reduce my carbon footprint.” Create a hack to spread awareness about climate change! The Environmental track emphasizes how our actions impact the world as individuals and global citizens.


“Future me, I want to empower and support the people around me.” The Social track is focused on helping your community. Projects can be focused on addressing the current Black Lives Matter movement, educating your peers, helping the elderly community.


“Future me, I want to be confident in my own skin and abilities.” The Personal track is about creating a hack that will benefit YOU! Whether this is a health and wellness app, a productivity website, or a robot to help you around the house, the possibilities are endless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A TechTogether Boston hackathon 36-hour event where individuals or teams work on technical projects in a short period of time. With the help of workshops and mentors you can build an app, a website, a robot, the possibilities are endless!
TechTogether Boston is going to be completely virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are doing our best to provide the same experience as an in-person event would with one added perk: Hacking from Home this Year!
Pinnacle is a competitive collegiate hackathon where the world’s top 200 hackers get together in San Francisco for a 36-hour hackathon. The top 4 hackers from TTB will be flown out to SF to participate in Pinnacle 2021.
Our hackathons are very beginner friendly! We have intro workshops tailored to first-time hackers and a unique high school program to help assimilate all our hackers! If you want to fine tune your skills, here are some fun Python projects you can work on.
Yes! We will be organizing numerous networking sessions for you to talk to sponsors during the hackathon weekend.
Since we will be having a virtual event, there will be no food provided.
Yes absolutely! There will be organizer hangouts, open session hacker chats, and networking sessions to talk to one another as well as interactive workshops hosted by our awesome sponsors.
Yes! We have a strong team researching the best swag given our virtual event.
Mentoring will all be done through Discord which, similar to past events, will allow you to message a specific mentor or send a general message.
We will have our main communication over Discord and Zoom. We recommend a place with stable internet connection so that you can attend all workshops and communicate effectively with your team. We are working on solutions for those who do not have access to a place with a stable internet connection.